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Workings of Memory...

Unlike higher language functionality in many people with progressive dementia, the ability to recognize melodies is more often still intact.

  When the recognition of names, faces, and past personal history has been lost or confused, the ability to recognize and enjoy the emotions elicited by an old melody is truly powerful medicine.   

Many seniors also continue to associate a solo piano with fun times in the early years of school and of course, for that reason and probably others, our "de-cluttered and straightforward" solo piano renditions add to a pure nostalgic enjoyment, with the perfect balance of both up tempo and slower pieces. 


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"Fun Music To Invigorate, Inspire, and Renew"™

The Senior Radio Show™was developed by Dave Cornwall who received his B.A. degree from Amherst College, double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology.  Now working extensively with a wide range of diverse elderly populations across the Philadelphia area, Dave was also earlier involved in brain and neurology-related research at both Harvard Medical School's Mailman Research Center and also the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Department of Neurology.  Earlier in his career, Dave also gained valuable, hands-on experience working with elderly patients with dementia and other aging-related and mental health-related issues while at the Veteran's Administration Hospital.

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Have a Listen!

The Senior Radio Show™ aims to "invigorate, inspire, and renew."  Accordingly, the show features a wide range of old music, including music of different styles and genres.  The show is also "request" driven, and much attention is paid to the input received from listeners and their families.   Our show is NOT just for those struggling with dementia!  This music is for anyone who enjoys the relaxation, motivation, and emotional journey that many classic songs uniquely provide.

Here are a few "show samples" to illustrate just a bit of the relaxing music that the show contains.  Admittedly, the below samples are seasonal, but still, fun, relaxing, and relate-able! 

Let There Be Peace On Earth

Hark the Herald Angels Sing!                              Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Oh Holy Night                       Silent Night

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And what SAys

Medical Science?

With no cure currently available, research has turned some attention to both prevention and, optimizing the dementia prognosis.  The progress made in how to best care for people with Alzheimer's has been substantial...  As it turns out, music and  the type of mental engagement provided in the Senior Radio Show™ are impactful!  See the data for yourself...from major research centers and patient advocacy groups on the healing power of music,  the prevention of dementia (by reducing depression), the effectiveness of music therapy, and, the ability of  stimulating activities to noticeably reduce disease-related problems  To quite literally... "turn back the clock."

Ordering Information

The Senior Radio Show™ is made available through an easy annual subscription.  Delivered four (4) times in a 12 month period, the Senior Radio Show™ provides boundless opportunities for fun, stimulating memory activities, soothing relaxation, and much, much more!  As a gift subscription, the Senior Radio Show™ is eagerly anticipated and provides that "something special to look forward to"...something nice that everyone definitely does appreciate whenever it is delivered. 

Satisfaction with your subscription is guaranteed!   Accordingly, the Senior Radio Show™ is interested in both listener and caregiver feedback, opinions, and comments relating to each show.  Through a monthly survey that is sent to the email address on file, listeners and their families have the opportunity to not only give feedback, but also to suggest favorite songs and if they wish, share potential ideas for inclusion in the optional program discussion guide  Please click on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for related details.

Fighting Back. . .

Then, there was music!  The good news is that whether downward pressures on "issues of the spirit" have arisen from just getting older and life just moving on, or, are perhaps due to further reaching medical conditions, a powerful, transformative solution is actually close at hand.  A weapon against aging. . .even for those who may have become just a little sad, too sad, or otherwise "hard to reach..." 

The facts are, that for human brain anatomy issues only partially understood, old songs from "back in the day" have an uncanny ability to "reach in" and find "the happiness switch."  If you've ever been driving and had "that song" come on the radio, you well understand . . . how it makes you feel, the time it takes you back to, the family and friends it re-connects you with, and the positive, emotional experience of the unexpected surprise.  And,no medical treatment yet exists that can do quite the same thing! 

Fortunately, even when speech, recognition, and many aspects of daily living and recent memory have faded quite dramatically, the ability to recognize, enjoy, and be "lifted up" by an old melody remains.  A recent documentary on the healing power of music in the elderly illustrates quite clearly the unique power of.the old songs! 

Here's what their music can do...for them!

Fun Music to Invigorate, Inspire, and Renew!™

Getting Older. . .

In our society today, more and more people are living longer and longer.  Unfortunately, advancing age sometimes brings a very tough set of both medical and also "living-related" challenges.  Too often these challenges include some form of dementia.  Sometimes large, sometimes small, and sometimes huge and overwhelming, the impact of dementia is rarely limited to issues only related to memory.  In an all too often cruel twist of fate, dementia can also target a person's true "core," initiating new inner battles of the spirit against raging feelings of confusion, estrangement, boredom, depression, agitation, worry, and a troubling, formidable sense of detachment from much of what was previously comforting, and good.   

In contrast to the scientific and medical mysteries that surround both the origins and treatment of dementia with medicines, the impact of these diseases on someone's spirit is perhaps the easiest to understand.  The true and real need for basic feelings of being adequately "connected" and a basic sense of well being are indeed very similar at any age, as each of us strives to capture and maintain positive feelings of self worth and identity.  Accordingly, the spirit in each of us seeks, and actually craves, feelings of belonging, optimism, and some healthy sense of "connected-ness" to family, caregivers, the passage of time itself, and to the precious life, still being lived.  

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Senior Radio Show™

What type of program works best for people afflicted by dementia?  Well, research has shown that people with various types and severity levels of dementia sometimes struggle and become frustrated with the diminishment of their language capabilities.  Not surprisingly, music programs that hinge on singing can pose unexpected frustrations and problems to the experience of enjoying music for some people with dementia. 

In recognition of these issues, our Senior Radio Show™provides listeners with all the wonderful, hard to find old tunes from childhood, the teen years, and early adulthood...without vocal lyrics!  The songs are performed in wonderful full solo grand piano arrangements...for effortless enjoyment of the timeless and classic melodies. And, perhaps best of all,the enjoyment can take many forms..."take the lead" by singing along, clap, dance, exercise, reminisce, relax, include others in, or enjoy in any other manner of one's choosing.

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The Senior Radio Show™ is a fun, nostalgic and therapeutic music program for individual seniors and senior communities.  Our unique "show" consists of a special all music CD of beloved old songs that carry with them real, positive, and unique connections to the past.  Additionally, the Senior Radio Show™ consists of a printed program guide, an optional resource for caregivers that can be used, if desired, to facilitate friendly, positive "memory-based" discussions on non-threatening and wholesome topics related to the senior, "their era," and the classic songs on our CD.  Program guide delivered by email.

The Senior Radio Show™ is delivered conveniently "to the door" on audio CD by regular U.S. Mail four (4) times a year. For users of digital music, a digital version is also available and delivered by email on the same schedule.

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"Radio" is Big....Again!

We harness the power of music, not with television, but with the idea of "radio!"  Today, many, many seniors are simply overloaded by television!  When someone can't tell you what they watched all day, or for that matter, what they're watching at the moment, television has simply lost it's usefulness.  For seniors however, the idea of radio as entertainment is a nostalgic and familiar concept.  At the dawn of television, and before reality tv, real radio shows were loved by the public and dominated the entertainment landscape.  Launching stars like George Burns, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and Milton Berle, and composers like Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Irving Berlin, it was radio that came into people's homes and absolutely enthralled listeners entertainment experiences that were both unique and engaging. 

Today, the "old radio" returns - - as a familiar, "low tech," and welcomed entertainment experience for any senior with a CD player or an iphone!  In the past, individuals and families gathered around the radio and engaged both their minds and imaginations with music and associated friendly chatter.  Today, the wonderful experience of radio lives on - - and can continue for those who would just enjoy, or even benefit therapeutically from recapturing elements of that fun, nostalgic radio experience from "back in the day!"