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A unique and quite special combination of both rousing and deeply peaceful songs for the holiday season.  All with the season's true gifts of hope, togetherness, fulfillment, and renewal...

Greetings!  We're New Friend Entertainment
Among other things, we help organizations to differentiate and tangibly position themselves as "preferred" via new ways that are unique, impactful, and effective! 

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- private Label -

Who Said The Opportunities Have to End At Christmas?!

You'll Be "In Front" This and Every Christmas!

- For Other Occasions Well Worth Remembering -

Maybe just add a sticker?

Private Label?

Private label is the ability to take a very high quality, commercial item and quite simply, make it your own promotional item.  Change the title, the art work, or the color scheme.  Or, maybe just add your business name, a logo, or a message.  Or, leave everything as is and just add a sticker to the packaging...with whatever you want on it...  If you want, put your own picture on the front!  That's private label! The sky's really the limit in terms of creativity AND the ability to have true impact.  Go ahead, take our private label offering and lay it along side a competitor's mug, calendar, pen, or whatever...  Chances are, if the customer's worth having, they've already got one or more of those impersonal commodity items from other companies, and certainly, from previous years.  Not impressive!

Perhaps, best of all...private label is Tailor made for ROI... And It is more affordable than you might think!

Private Label

Branding and Personalization Opportunities For
Customer-Oriented Businesses
-  In Highly Competitive Environments  -

Steinway is synonymous with the highest quality.  Associate your organization with quality, integrity and taking advantage of private label.

High "share of mind" and the kind of strong quality-based  image perceptions that drive repeat engagements and new referrals just don't happen by accident.  And, the sought after customer relationships that somehow morph into true, coveted "bonds" don't seem to happen enough all by themselves either.

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Want To Know More...?!  Click here to go to the album's own website for interesting details, special programs, and an unique opportunity to "give back" to those without family and friends - at Christmas!

Everyone has competition...often right on their heels!  Those who think they don't, just don't know that they do. 

Those who realize that they are competing for orders, contracts, new customers, repeat business, or discretionary funds understand that both survival and growth are based on not just on the ability to do something well.  Lots of people in your space do that, or at least say they do.  The ability to move your organization ahead depends on your ability to positively "stand out, in one or more good and memorable ways  Ways that matter when it comes to the life blood of business....the personal relationships!

All those Santa songs!

Good King Wenceslas

Angels We Have Heard on High

Little Drummer Boy

Silent Night

What Child Is This?

Oh Holy Night

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Pater Noster

Joy to the World

The real power of our private label gifts are the gifts themselves, and, the options they give you for creating powerful messages to go from you - - to your base.  Now, how would it be for your organization to offer your customers something that is personal, timely, inspirational, and fun?  Something both upscaleand memorable that will likely have enough impact to become part of that person's holiday psyche for not just this year, but for years to come.  Something that they even may share with family!  How much is a mention at Christmas dinner worth?!

How about switching the artwork?

Sound Like A Good Investment?

Better Than Another Calendar or Coffee Mug?

For Pricing Info And To Get

A Custom Photo Free Mock Up Contact

Much better than a calendar or mug?

How many mugs do you have?!

Use the same tools as everyone else and should you expect to do any better than them?  What if you were to work smarter with the strategic advantages of private label promotions?  Growth really is about positive differentiation!.  Making that happen requires something special, and that's where our collaborations align exactly with your strategic needs.

Artist name in the way?  No problem!

Release Dates To Be Announced Soon...

Here's just a few illustrations of how private label can adapt perfectly to your needs this holiday season!

Artwork, title and text...all flexible!