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Privacy Policy

All information collected by the Senior Radio Show™ will be kept strictly private and will not be distributed  to third parties without prior written consent.  Any information sent to the Senior Radio Show, its management, or staff becomes property of the Senior Radio Show™ and will be treated with respect and discretion.  All payment related information will of course remain confidential at all times.  it is agreed that Any breeches of privacy through any third parties is not the responsibility of the senior radio show, its management, staff, or owners.

Terms of Use

The senior radio show™ is a multi-functional entertainment and therapeutic recreation resource.  consult a medical professional before undertaking any new type of physical activity or recommending any such activity to others.   Individuals with advanced brain conditions, particularly those with speech impairment, should be initially monitored during listening by a caregiver or family member to ensure that program volume is properly adjusted for the entire listening session and that no other compatibility issues exist. 

The Senior Radio Show™ is the Property of New Friend Entertainment and is protected by U.S. and International copyright and intellectual property laws.  No portion of any CD or download may be copied, transmitted, distributed, etc. and subscriptions grant rights of personal use only.   


Delivery of the Senior Radio Show is by U.S. Mail, and internet download.  Accordingly, we can not be responsible for delivery delays or other related issues that relate to postal service operations, weather or other delays,  labor disputes, or in reference to the downloads, internet availability and  any user technical issues . 

Any damages resulting from the Senior Radio

Show™ shall not exceed the value of the subscription price paid.

changes to these policies are updated from time to time without notice.