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New Friend Entertainment

Fun Music To Invigorate, Inspire, and Renew...

We specialize in great music - engaging and timeless standards.  Songs that are personal and powerful - played in a way that truly invigorates, inspires, and renews.  When one of our renditions of a favorite song "breaks through," and fills an empty space or some unwanted solitude with smiles, toe tapping, or just warm, positive thoughts...we say, "old friends are the best but, new friends can be even better!" Go ahead and have a look inside!  See, and hear for yourself, how our music and our separate programs for seniors do indeed invigorate, inspire, and renew!


What we do


Some music just breaks through! 

It lifts us up, like the most beautiful crisp fall day.  It pushes out the fog, brings back the light, and takes us down a road to re-experience vibrant emotions, and the types of genuine, happy feelings that are only otherwise associated with things like those special family weekends in autumn, that much anticipated snowfall on Christmas Eve, or, that "out of the blue" phone call from the dearest of old friends.